Datto, Norwalk, CT
The Norwalk headquarters was the first location where I worked with the architectural firm CPG, while they completely renovated four floors at 101 Merritt 7. I designed vinyl wall graphics for a series of wall niches. Ultimately I developed an inventory of designs that could be applied to other locations as the company expanded worldwide. 
Rochester, NY
Amersham, UK
This installation was a bit different. Amersham is the HQ of Datto's "RMM" development team, but the team members are all over the globe, and I was asked to reflect that in the mural. My colleague Tori Price came up with the idea of using the international 3-letter codes, and it worked brilliantly. In addition, I was asked to include a shipping container dubbed the "Love Shack," and a bathtub full of server equipment to illustrate the group's humble beginnings in a small apartment. The rest of the illustrations portray the various UI's of the RMM product. 
Monroe, CT
Boston, MA
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